"Because Sometimes You Don't Want A Salad."

ENTIRE Menu Is Completely Vegan! OVER 30 OPTIONS!!!

6 OZ. Savage Burger

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Rosarito Beach

Fully Loaded Breakfast Burrito


Grand Rising

Beyond Sausage + Just Egg biscuit

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Custom Recipes

Each recipe has been hand crafted to have the highest possible flavor. Each menu item has been carefully crafted to delight anyone's tastebuds!

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All of our orders are cooked to order. Which means your food will have the highest quality in freshness.

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We're your neighbors! That means we source all of our goods locally. We believe in supporting our area farmers and grocers.

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Atypical Items


Vegan apparel, accessories, art and more from an atypical perspective. Eco-friendly designs that speak to, provoke, and inspire. Animal rights imagery with an edge. Here at Atypical, we’re trying to re-imagine veganism for a new audience: vegans who are about having fun, not self-sacrifice; vegans who cook and socialize as much as they protest; vegans who aren’t afraid to look like a meat eater in order to get more people to eat ethical food.

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Lunch Time Favorites


Baja Buster

Remember that first real burrito you ever ate? Wasn’t it truly amazing? The Rosarito  Beach burrito was inspired by a family vacation to  Rosarito Mexico. Flavorful, hearty and with a healthy serving of everything on the inside. Just like that first burrito, we take care to include everything you want. It’s what makes Cantina Style the best gourmet vegan burrito around.


6 OZ Savage

The 6 0z Savage Burger is a monstrous signature season blended, Pecan wood smoked, fire roasted, tenderized and chargrilled vegan burger. Fully satisfying and hearty.  Served on our signature vegan brioche bun with your choice of tomatoes, onions, romaine lettuce, and vegan cheese (optional).



Pecan Smokies

Are you dreaming of tender and juicy barbeque drumsticks? Our Pecan Wood Smokies have a tender texture and hearty, flavorful taste that only come from a pecan wood smoked, chargrilled, and tasty drumstick. Slow-smoked to perfection, it’s almost impossible to stop eating our Pecan Wood Smokies once you start. We guarantee it!

What Our Customer Say ?

OMG !!! The smoky flavor of the burger and the wings are like nothing I’ve ever tasted before! And just like their slogan say “sometimes you DON’T  wants a salad” LOL!

Trissa C.


I am a customer for life now ! I was full after just half of the breakfast burrito. 

Kevin H.


Food Services

Dedicated Chef

Richard F. Glenn Jr.