Grand Rising $5

Savory Sausage $12

Welcome Home Fries $8

Enjoy the Grand Rising scratch-made vegan biscuit with Beyond Breakfast sausage (reg. or spicy) and fluffy Just Egg product. Vegan cheese optional

Made with Beyond breakfast sausage (reg. or spicy), onion, bell pepper, fresh garlic, and our custom season blend. On our scratch-made vegan biscuits. A savory layer to every bite!

Welcome Home fries are potatoes cooked using our special technique. Then we add bell pepper and onion. Finished with cracked black pepper and pink Himalayan sea salt.

The 6 Oz Savage is a custom spice blended burger that is slowly smoked over pecan wood, chargrilled, with Vegan mayo, Romaine lettuce, onion, and tomatoes. Vegan cheese is optional.

Pecan Smokies wing so real looking and tasting! Pecan wood slow-smoked, chargrilled, and flavor injected right into the sugar cane “bone”! Tossed in any of our signature Atypical sauces. Qty 6

Enough for 2! Fresh hand-cut fries daily to ensure the highest quality in freshness. Top them with our Himalayan salt blend or spicy cajun blend. Always remember fresh always tastes better!

Altitude Alkaline is exactly what your body has been craving! Stay not only hydrated but properly hydrated! Enjoy the benefits of what Altitude Alkaline water can do for you! 

Want a way to gain better health without all those pills? Our Sea moss and Aloe Vera gel will do the trick. Also available with elderberry syrup

Welcome to Cakelanta! “Cake So Soft You Don’t Need Teeth”! Enjoy delicious Red Velvet Cupcakes with a creamy Vanilla Cream Cheese Buttercream frosting ! 2 for $5

Who makes the best lemonade? WE DO! A mouth-watering, Lip-smacking, treat for your thirst! Enjoy fresh lemons, sea moss, aloe vera, local honey mixed with alkaline water.

Rosarito Beach $12

The Rosarito Breakfast burrito with Beyond Breakfast sausage(reg. or spicy), fluffy Just Egg, sautéed bell pepper and onion, seasoned tater crowns, and Daiya Mexican shredded cheese.

Hearty Harvey $14

Kings And Queens $6

All hail The King and Queen Crowns! Our signature tater crowns are air-fried and seasoned to perfection with our custom spice blend.

Our Hearty Harvey Scramble will keep you coming back. Made with Beyond Breakfast Sausage, Just Egg, Welcome Homefries and topped with Daiya Mexican shreds.


6 OZ Savage $17

Pecan Smokies $14

Papas $8

Baja Buster $14

Yardies $5

Sassy Cantina $6

Baja Buster the burrito for 2! If you have a normal appetite. Our Baja Taco seasoned Impossible Meat, Cilantro lime rice, salsa, refried beans, cheese, in a vegan flour tortilla.

Yardies are Caribbean vegan patties with cabbage, onion, bell pepper, corn, peas, green beans. Or Spicy Jerk with Jerk seasoned Impossible meat, mushrooms, and green onions.  

Cantina fresh-made chips are fried to perfection. Paired with Sassy Salsa made with Cilantro, Lime, Jalapenos, Chipotle peppers, onion, tomatoes, and Sassy Salsa spice mix 


Alkaline Altitude $3

Nana's Lemonade $9

Mighty Moss $14

Cakelanta Bites $5

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