About US


A new breed of food from a company that is dedicated to providing premium

plant-based foods that are made with outstanding ingredients. Our products are driven by Superior flavor and better nutrition. Enjoy the journey with us!
We slow smoke our BBQ pecan wings to really taste like smoked wings, Also chargrill and
pecan smoke our custom season blended impossible meat burger for the most realistic taste and texture, that rivals typical lackluster veggie burgers.
We engineer our food to turn vegans around and make plant-eaters proud to be themselves. Try these amazing foods that truly taste great! Taste buds come alive when you eat our food. Sign up here email updates and coupons.

Our Mission

We may be a small company, but we believe that there’s room for simple greatness. We’re on a
mission to provide healthy, comfortably delicious food that’s free from animal products.
Goodness (that’s what we call it) is our food – and we think it tastes absolutely delicious. It’s
health food you can feel good about eating. It’s better for you, the planet and animals too.